Radiographic Imaging of South Florida - Services Offering

X-Ray RepairRadiographic Film Distributors, Inc. provides a variety of service options to support all of your X-Ray needs including:

  • Installation of CR Systems, DR Systems, PACS Sytems
  • One-time and recurring ordering of X-Ray film
  • X-Ray Equipment service plans
  • X-Ray Film Processor service plans
  • State Inspection, violation/correction reports for X-Ray solutions
  • Environmental services for X-Ray solutions
  • A number of support services to ensure your investments are protected

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South Florida X-Ray Equipment Service Areas

Radiographic Film Distributors is a leading supplier of X-Ray Equipment, X-Ray Film and Digital X-Ray products in the South Florida area. We provide X-Ray Imaging related services and support to Dade County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and a number of other adjoining locations in South Florida.