Cloud PACS Services in South Florida

In addition to the traditional PACS systems that require on-site hardware and software, Radiographic Imaging of South Florida offers Cloud PACS services in South Florida. Our partnership with Cloud 9 PACS will allow our clients to combine thier existing CR and DR units with an offsite PACS solution. The benefits and benefits of using a cloud PACS service include:

  • Images are made accessible from any browser based device
  • IT costs are lowered since the maintenance of onsite equipment is reduced
  • Images are accessible to low bandwidth users
  • Receives DICOM images from multiple modalities including Imports CD’s to the system and Burn CD’s for patients to take home
  • In the event of an Internet failure, physicians can view images on the Cloud Jumper’s built in Image Viewer
  • Modifies the DICOM header for institution name to provide a unique identifier for each sending site Guarantees that NO ONE can view any other facilities images
  • Uses secure FTP transmission to the Cloud 9 Servers so that the data is HIPPA Compliant and encrypted
  • Works on various data lines including T-1, DSL, Cable, Cellular, Data Lines, Compression rates are configurable

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