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How much does a normal CR or DR System Cost?

The cost for CR X-Ray and DR X-Ray systems is dependent on a number of variables. CR X-Ray and DR X-Ray systems are expandable and contractible in features and functions; therefore, the price point is determined by the customers needs.

Do you accept financing plans for CR or DR Systems?

Yes. Lease and Financing is available for the purchase of CR and DR systems.

What is the difference between CRs and DRs?

Computed radiography (CR) is often distinguished from Direct Radiography (DR). CR and DR have many similarities. Both CR and DR use a medium to capture x-ray energy and both produce a digital image that can be enhanced for soft copy diagnosis or further review. Both CR and DR can also present an image within seconds of exposure. CR generally involves the use of a cassette that houses the imaging plate, similar to traditional film-screen systems, to record the image whereas DR typically captures the image directly onto a flat panel detector without the use of a cassette. Image processing or enhancement can be applied on DR images as well as CR images due to the digital format of each. There are many different types of DR detectors in use in medicine and industry. Each type has its own merits and distinctions and may be applied to certain imaging requirements based on these attributes.

CR and DR should not be confused with fluoroscopy, where there is a continuous beam of radiation, and the images appear on the screen like on a TV. This is the system many people are familiar with, where the image of the article being x-rayed is viewed in real time on a monitor or display. Many people think airports use fluoroscopes for baggage inspection, when in fact LDAs (Linear Diode Arrays) are universally used to generate static images of luggage content. LDAs are also used in a wide variety of other screening and imaging applications, and are also presented in a digital format. Modern fluorosopes use a device called an image intensifier to enhance the analog output of the real time x-ray image, where it is picked up by either a video or CCD camera and digitally enhanced to reduce the noise inherent in the system.

Do you provide Cloud PACS services?

We provide Cloud PACS services to the South Florida area. We partner with Cloud 9 PACS to provide these services. With a Cloud PACS service, you can use your existing CR/DR equipment and store all images offsite in a highly available, highly secure cloud based storage facility.

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