X-Ray Film

Radiographic Imaging of South Florida supplies a wide variety of Agfa Film and Konica Minolta Film products including green film, blue film, half-blue film, mammo film and dry laser film. Please contact us for more information


  • Agfa Green Film
  • Agfa Blue Film
  • Agfa Half-Blue Film
  • Agfa Mammo Film
  • Agfa Dry Laser Film: Agfa DRYSTAR media is designed to produce the very highest quality grayscale hardcopies generated by the Agfa DRYSTAR dry imagers.

Agfa Film


Konica Minolta Film

  • Konica Minolta MG-SR: Type MG-SR is an orthochromatic film with medium contrast, suitable for general radiography, covering a complete range of diagnostic exams where maximum flexibility is desirable.
  • Konica Minolta Dry Film: SD-P / SD-PC / SD-PM available. Sharp, clear images are assured by optimized control of image tones for CT, MRI, and other image modalities. Special new anti-halation technology increases image sharpness. Designed for linear gradations from low-through high-density areas, SD-P/SD-PC delivers excellent diagnostic clarity in the processed image. Daylight packaging makes the film easy to handle.
  • Konica Minolta Mammography Film: New CM-H film is designed to provide excellent imaging quality while demonstrating processing-friendly quality control characteristics. The peak contrast and latitude of New CM-H enables high quality results and fulfills MQSA film-screen requirements in any orthochromatic mammography screen. The CM Mammography Cassette, MD-100 and MM-150 mammography intensifying screens further enhance and complete the system. .

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Radiographic Film Distributors is a leading supplier of X-Ray Equipment, X-Ray Film and Digital X-Ray products in the South Florida area. We provide X-Ray Imaging related services and support to Dade County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and a number of other adjoining locations in South Florida.